About Kids Orbit


After school hours are full of possibility for children. The possibility to be creative, a chance to socialize, time to unwind. Different children need different things, and children need different things at different times.

Behind the smiling faces at Kids Orbit, a lot goes into training our staff to meet each child where he or she is with what he or she needs. We expect your child to enjoy our activities, but we will listen when your child tells us or shows us that what he or she would really enjoy is to read or draw, or sit and talk to a friend or a counselor. Our environment is non-competitive and stimulating, but not overstimulating.

Behind the capable staff at Kids Orbit is a seasoned administrative staff, providing the support needed to run a solid program. Whether you talk to our staff on site, or talk to our administrative team on the phone, you will without a doubt, know that we care and always go the extra mile to insure that your child is safe and happy.


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